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Threads of Fate Tarot - Signed with Spread Mat

Threads of Fate Tarot - Signed with Spread Mat

Blaire Porter and Brit June

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Very rare like-new, original edition with thank you card signed by the authors, spread mat, explanatory booklet, and heavyweight box. 

A 55 card deck that invites you to develop deeper relationships with yourself, your guides, elemental allies, animal teachers and archetypal medicine.  This is the original deck created by Blaire Porter and Brit June. 

The deck contains 32 Elemental cards, broken up into 4 suits: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. In the included booklet, you can find each of these cards has an overall message, as well as an associate Herb, Crystal and Animal. 

There are an additional 23 Throne cards - persona/archetypal as well as larger concepts. Within the content of the booklet, these cards offer an action as well as the shadow or unbalanced aspects that can manifest within us.

Each card was created intuitively — the illustrations were channeled, the digital art layers behind the illustrations were made as a reflection of the many messages it holds. 

Publisher Threads of Fate
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