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The Muse Tarot (signed & numbered) OOP w both Empresses Cards

The Muse Tarot (signed & numbered) OOP w both Empresses Cards

Chris-Anne Donnelly

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Like-new bundle; Signed and numbered #680/2000. Includes 190-page Guidebook

OOP Muse tarot deck w both Empress cards (original and revised), signed and numbered, Kickstarter edition. Collector's set! This Muse Tarot comes with an additional Empress card, because the original is misnumbered. Chris-Anne has also changed the face of the Empress to have her eyes closed in the new version.

The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly is a contemporary tarot deck reimagined into the four suits of Inspiration (Wands), Emotions (Cups), Voices (Swords), and Materials (Pentacles or Coins) rendered in vibrant digital art collage. Dynamic and full of energy, The Muse Tarot comes to us when such a vivid deck is most needed, helping us to navigate the challenging times our world currently finds itself in. Uplifting and bright, this is the deck that will help you to overcome creative blocks and jump-start your inner drive.

"The Muse Tarot is very now. While it has that modern lightworker and starseed vibe to it, the deck is in no way overly saccharine. You can call it optimistic. Call it ethereal. But if you actually work with the cards in readings alongside the guidebook Chris-Anne wrote, it’s not love and light at the expense of reality. If anything, there’s an energy here with the capacity to uplift you from darkness. Some of these cards are just jaw-dropping in beauty, in the scope of meaning it encompasses, and the evocation of emotion they achieve. That Seven of Inspiration (Wands)– wow!"—Benebell Wen
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