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Diviner Definitions Oracle Deck

Diviner Definitions Oracle Deck

Michael Anthony

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The Diviner Definitions Oracle is a 111-card dictionary style oracle deck created by Dr. Michael Anthony

This first edition print was designed to embrace the complex beauty of language. The cards are printed on a seamless rainbow gradient background bringing vibrancy & color magic to ever card you pull. The connection between the cards reminds us of the way our words weave together to create different meanings & outcomes.

On each oracle card you will find one word, the pronunciation, & several definitions to help you better understand the potential oracle properties. This variety of definitions allows the deck to speak to you by triggering deep thought & reflection. Multiple (& sometimes contradicting) definitions for each card creates endless possibilities for how the reader interprets the spread. This deck is intended to be a tool of strengthening & building confidence in your intuition.

The Diviner Definitions Oracle can be used on it's own or in combination for with other decks. On it's own it is so much more than an oracle deck. It can also be used in journaling, story telling, poetry, song writing, & other language arts. Or if you choose to use it with other decks, it can become a wonderful tool of clarity. Do you ever pull cards in a tarot spread & wonder exactly how you're supposed to interpret that card? You can ask the Diviner Definitions oracle to "define" a card from another deck for you which gives you a lens to focus your interpretation through.

Whether you are a seasoned reader or a cartomancy novice, The Diviner Definitions Oracle has something to offer you.

Publisher The Diviner Life
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